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Our founders, Ms Rosaline Wong and Mr Eddie Law, are leaders in their respective fields with unparalleled expertise and experience.
Rosaline Wong

Rosaline Wong


Rosaline Wong graduated from King’s College, London before practising as a barrister, called to the Bar first at Middle Temple in London and then to the Degree of the Utter Bar in Hong Kong. In 2011, she founded ‘JP Gallery’, and in 2015 she founded HomeArt as an expansion of her art gallery business, crystallising her commitment to art collecting and development full-time. 

HomeArt’s museum-quality collection comprises old masters, modern and contemporary masterpieces, alongside works of art from East to West. The collection Rosaline has put together is widely recognised as one of the best in Asia, if not the world. 

Rosaline and HomeArt provide bespoke art advisory services at the highest level, having assisted in transactions totalling more than $4 billion USD. HomeArt also showcases art in curated themed exhibitions, frequently collaborating with and supporting major museums, institutions, and international auction houses. 

At the height of the pandemic in 2021 when international travel was restricted, Rosaline collaborated with Christie’s to bring major exhibitions to Hong Kong. Beginning with Jean-Michel Basquiat’s exhibition ‘Radiance: The Basquiat Show’ in May and November 2021 in Hong Kong and Shanghai respectively, followed by François Gilot in ‘A 100th Celebration’ in December 2021.

Most recently, she has collaborated with Christie’s to exhibit rare works by Alberto and Diego Giacometti in ‘A Brotherhood in Genius’ as well as those by Francis Bacon and Adrian Ghenie in ‘Flesh and Soul’. HomeArt has also assisted in the exhibition of art by Gustav Klimt at the Van Gogh Museum and the Belvedere respectively, demonstrating Rosaline’s commitment to art education, inclusion, and making works of exceptional quality and renown available to the widest possible audience.

Alongside her professional pursuits, Rosaline is deeply invested in art education. She is passionate about helping young and emerging artists with their career development through exhibition opportunities and artist residency programmes. She believes that we can all learn to appreciate art deeply and benefit from its capacity to enhance our lives.

Jesus College, Oxford (founded in 1571) appointed Rosaline as a Queen Elizabeth I Fellow in 2017.

Eddie Law

Eddie Law


With an impressive career spanning over three decades in investment banking and capital markets, Eddie Law has established himself as a force of nature in the financial industry, living on the cutting-edge of innovation.

Eddie’s track-record of large-scale deals across Asia have positioned him as an asset manager without equal in the financial services space. His ability to drive exceptional performance is matched by his deep commitment to client satisfaction.

His remarkable two-decade-long career at Goldman Sachs saw him serve as Managing Director of Goldman Sachs Hong Kong and Head of Corporate Sales. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Eddie continues to make significant contributions to the investment banking and capital market industries. His extensive experience, deep industry expertise, and proven track record make him a trusted advisor and invaluable asset to the financial community.

In 2011, he founded Zheng He Capital, specialising in asset management, wealth management, co-investment opportunities, and special situation investment.

Outside of finance, Eddie is an art collector and envisions a future in which art investment is accessible to the widest possible audience. He recognises the transformative power of art and its potential as an investment asset, aiming to break down barriers and promoting inclusivity in art investment.


Museum-Quality Art

Stands the Test of Time

'I’ve never collected something because it was fashionable.”

– Emily Fisher Landau

Emily Fisher Landau is of the greatest American art patrons and collectors of recent times, she was renowned for her dynamic collection of Modern and Contemporary art.

Source: Emily Fisher Landau: A Life In Art, from Sotheby’s.